Pallet scraps. Chalkboards. Cheap.


It’s project time!
Chalkboard are everywhere! I love the look, but don’t think I can commit to painting an entire wall or room.
HomeGoods had a few nice framed chalkboards, but at an average of $60 I thought I could do better.
Remember those great pallets? Yep. 4 boards a couple of brackets, a piece of Masonite and a spray can of chalkboard paint and we have the beginnings of something fun and the whole shebang was less than $10.
Kevin cut the wood and built the frame today. Love how we used the notched thicker board for the bottom piece, it’ll make a perfect spot to hold the chalk!
Tomorrow I’ll paint the Masonite after its dry use tiny brads to secure it to the back of the frame.
It’s going to live in the dining room.

Tiny Big. Flavor +

We goofed. Meant to plant Roma’s, but got the seeds mixed up.

Fast forward a few months and, Voila!  Buckets and baskets of juicy cherry tomatoes!

We’ve given away bags full, eaten all we can. Still they keep coming! Tiny red globes, dazzling color, juicy and sweet. Each evening I gather the ripe babies and try my best to think of a creative way to use them up.

So far, this is my favorite.

Cherry tomatoes, washed and sliced in half.
Good olive oil
Dried herbs
Dried garlic
Sea salt

Lay the tomatoes out, cut side up on baking stone cookie sheet. Season liberally with herbs and garlic. Using marinade brush, dab with a heavy coat of olive oil.

Slowly heat in a low oven, 200• for about 5 hours.

Spoon into jars and fill with olive oil.

Keep refrigerated. Use within a couple weeks.

I’ll be using mine on pizza, and with fresh ricotta and crackers. I think they’ll be delish with some spinach pasta, cannellini beans and Parmesan.

How would you use them? Eat them right out of the jar?

Super Granola


Of all the things my oldest son, Bunny, could ask us to send him while he’s in Afghanistan, he asked me to make him granola. Oh and a bowl. Apparently he’s got a spoon.

Super easy, super quick, and super good.

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 large can/box of old fashioned oatmeal
1 teaspoon salt
About 3 cups of stuff (shredded coconut, raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds – you get the idea)

In a small sauce pan heat the oil, sugar & syrup to melt the sugar. Very low heat. Set aside to cool a bit.

In a large mixing bowl blend oatmeal, salt, and ‘stuff’.

Pour/ drizzle oil sugar and fold to coat everything.

Press the granola onto 2 large cookie sheets. Heat in a very low oven. 200•

Break up the oats with a wooden spoon every 30 minutes. Total baking time 2 hours.

Let cool, store in canister or sealed plastic bag.

See. Super simple, and super tweakable! Use honey instead of syrup. White sugar, turbanado, no sugar? Add vanilla, almond extract or cocoa powder. Dried banana and chocolate chips?

What’s your favorite blend?

Homemade Cookies

Since J is gone for the entire summer, working at an internship all alone in a strange town, I’ve decided to put together care packages to send to him. Cute, right? Right. They’ve got themes and everything. One thing that will be in every package though, at the request of the J man himself, is homemade cookies. I found this recipe forever ago and saved it to my computer, and I thought it’d be a good one to try for my (first ever) attempt at from-scratch cookies since apparently they’re the “best in the world” or something. Here goes.

Since the photo that I saved only lists the ingredients, I went online and found directions here, from the Great Homemaker herself. If you plan on attempting this recipe, make sure you have the right flour! My grocery store had the bread flour over to the side of all the usual flour, and I found the pastry flour over in the organic food section.

Also, when buying chocolate, the entire 2 lbs is not necessary, depending on how chocolate-y you want your cookies. I bought three 10-lb bags and that was more than enough.

At the top of the ingredients list, it says that the recipe makes twenty-six 5 inch cookes or eight and a half dozen 1 1/4 inch cookies.
Baking 3 inch cookies, this recipe made about… a million. Give or take.
Okay, maybe closer to a hundred. But still! I was baking cookies for HOURS, literally from noon up until the time I had to leave for work at 430. And I still wasn’t finished, I had about another baking sheet worth of dough left I had to put in the fridge. Geez.

This recipe’s final rating:
Delicious Multitude 

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Peace out fellas! Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m heading out with some girlfriends for a much needed weekend at the beach! Classes started this weekend, as did J’s (super far away) internship, and I’ve been nonstop busy since last friday. But I’ve packed up my bathing suit and my spf one million (darn fair skin) and it’s time for some fun in the sun!

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Nearly finished!

I’ve been super busy working on the redesign of all my labels.  My soap is pretty much staying the same.  Well, not really – now all my soaps are made with Fair Trade Shea Butter.  Can you say “Decadent”!

Earlier in the day me and my camera were running on RedBull and tea.  I got all the pics taken and edited.  They aren’t exactly what I want, but I’m hoping to meet with a photographer next Wednesday and get in gear for some real professional type images.  KWIM?

Anyway – head over to my Etsy and take a look – so far only soap, I’ll get to the lippys and lotions, scrubs and laundry powder tomorrow.  Maybe?



In case you were interested, photographing soap takes razor blades, nail polish and tape.  Oh, and the last few spoons of Salted Caramel Truffle Haagen Dazs.  Why were there only a few spoons left?  Ask Kevin.

Rain, Rain, Rain

Please don’t go away.  At least not for a couple more days.  A dry spell between Thursday and Sunday would be nice.

But for today – bring it on.  I’m making soup and bread.  And tea, lots and lots of tea.

Source: via Deda on Pinterest


    Source: via Deda on Pinterest


Source: via Deda on Pinterest


Probably some soap, too. Maybe some Frankincense and Myrrh and a batch of Eucalyptus Mint.

Enjoy your rainy day!